Why Everyone Should Drink Filtered Water | Filtered Water VS Unfiltered Water

Our body consists of approximately 60% of water. Drinking water is indispensable for body functions and a healthy diet, but not all water is safe and clean for consumption. Having pure and safe water will help you stay hydrated and improve your quality of life. More and more people become aware that water safety is incredibly important to health, and they take the initiative to access clean and high-standard drinking water. 

Filtered Water VS Non-Filtered Water 

As we know, the public water supply system certainly contains waterborne contaminants, such as chemicals, heavy metals, microorganisms, and harmful ingredients, even in the United States. Five common contaminants are found in unfiltered water - arsenic, aluminum, chlorine, fluoride, and lead. The pollutants not only cause severe disease or cancer but also bring unpleasant smells and tastes. Studies have found that a great number of cases of waterborne disease exist nationwide in America every year. 

So drink filtered water!

Filtered water can successfully rid chemicals, heavy metals, toxins, bacteria, parasites, and viruses that have penetrated the water by agriculture, industry, and mining. Drinking filtered water can boost your health, such as skin hydration, weight loss, nutrient absorption, digestion, reduction in cancer risk, and detoxification. 

Other Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

In addition to the health benefits, filtered water also possesses other practical benefits in cost, convenience, environment, and maintenance. 

  1. Cost-effective

Using a water filter for safe drinking water is much cheaper than purchasing bottled water. Although bottled water is convenient, the cost will add up over time to become an annoying budget. 

  1. Convenient

You can drink filtered water at home whenever you want instead of rushing to a store to grab some bottled water, especially when you are dehydrated and find no bottled water at hand.  

  1. Eco-friendly

Compared with bottled water, water filters offer a far more environment-friendly solution to safer and cleaner drinking water. Rather than overloading on plastic bottles, go green with a filter and protect the earth.

  1. Low-maintenance

Water filters are often portable and easy to use and change. They are low maintenance. 

  1. Better taste and smell

Once the impurities in the water are removed, the filtered water tastes and smells better. This can result in a sense of satisfaction after drinking filtered water. 


The Best Water Filter 

There are various water filtration systems to obtain filtered water. However, not all water filters have a powerful capability to remove all pollutants. You should choose the water purifiers that meet NSF/ANSI standards, meaning that the water filtration system has been testified to reduce certain contaminants.

Compared with other water filter systems, fitting a filter in your refrigerator helps to save space in your kitchen. Plus, it is often very easy to install and use.