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Watens Refrigerator Water Filter for Whirlpool Filter 2 EDR2RXD1 W10413645A


Watens Refrigerator Water Filter for Whirlpool Filter 2 EDR2RXD1 W10413645A


from USA

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Our Whirlpool W10413645A Water Filter 2 & EDR2RXD1 p6rfwb2 9082 replacement water filters neutralize many of the contaminants found in most water sources. Super easy to install and ready to begin giving you the healthiest, crisp water. Most filter brands will leave darkness in your water or simply not filter the water much at all. However, each one of our filters are meticulously designed to surpass all competition in filtration ability.

Replace the water filter in your refrigerator and taste cleaner, fresher, and healthier water and ice every day. Engineered with a premium filtration technology, this water filter eliminated most contaminants found in tap water without diminishing the minerals which are good for our body and health.

Compatible with W10413645A, W10413645, W10238154, KENMORE 9082, 46-9903, P6RFWB2, PUR Filter 2, EDR2RXD1, W10413645, EDR2RXD2, PUR EDR2RXD2, EveryDrop Filter 2, PUR EDR2RXD3, WRX988SIBM03, WRF736SDAM13, WRF736SDAM11, KRFF707ESS01, DGHS2665KF, FFEN2822QS, FFHB2740PE, FFHB2740PP, FFHN2740PE, FGHB2866PF, FGHN2844LF, FGHN2866PF, LGHB2867PF, LGUB2642LE, FGHC2331PF, FGHS2355PF, FGHS2631PE, LGHC2342LE, FGHS2631PP, FFED2322QS, FFHN2740PP, FGHB2866PE, FGHG2366PF, LGHN2844ME, LGHN2844MF, LGUB2642LP, LGHC2342LF, FGEX26D6QF, FGHC2355PF, FGHS2655PF, FFHB2740PS, FFHN2740PS, FGHB2866PP, FGHN2866PP, FGUB2642LF, FFHS2622MH, FGHS2631PE


Filter Type Coconut Shell Carbon
Operating Temperature 34°-100°F (1°-38°C)
Filter Life 6 Months
Package Qty 2
Flow Rate 0.528 GPM (2.0 LPM)
Capacity 200 Gallons (757L)
Product Size (inches) 7.09x1.85x1.85
Package Size (inches) 7.2x3.94x1.97
Package Weight 14.11 OZ
Operating Pressure 20-120PSI (138-827 KPA)

Core Features

  • 300 gallons filter life (6 months)
  • Easy to install
  • Removes 99% of contaminants*
  • Sustainable and BPA free
  • IAPMO R&T Certified and Meets NSF/ANSI standards 42 & 53


How often should I change my filter?

It is highly suggested to replace your Watens filter every 6 months or 200 gallons. If you know your water tends to be harder, you should increase the frequency of replacements.


If you are truly unsure, reach out to us! We are here to help. Contact our team.

How do Watens filters remove contaminants?

Other than being awesome? Well, all of our filters use an activated coconut shell carbon filtration system that utilizes microporous technology to filter out most impurities by up to 99%!


In simple terms, the unfiltered water goes in and the clean, pure Watens filtered water flows out - leaving you with only the best.

Do I need a filter?

I don’t know, do you?


Filtering your water is the first step towards truly drinking the purest water possible.


Reach out to us to see how we can improve you and your family’s health. Contact our team.

Can I use the filter beyond 6 months?

Absolutely! However, this is with 120% certainty, NOT recommended. Using a filter, of any brand, beyond the recommended lifetime of 6 months can see a diminished ability to properly filter your water. So, you might as well just be sticking your head in the sink to guzzle some straight tap water. Hold the rocks.

We filter everything, except our reviews

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