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Watens Pro Water Filter for 3.25 Gallons Drinking Water Filter System - 2-Pack


Watens Pro Water Filter for 3.25 Gallons Drinking Water Filter System - 2-Pack


from USA

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At Watens, we apply coconut shell carbon to Watens Pro water filters as the filter media, which is eco-friendly and excellent at filtration performance. The Watens Pro water filter also has extensive range testing and certification of EPA, ANSI/NSF and IAPMO, you can rest assured knowing your drinking water is clean, safe and great tasting for consumption. The Watens Pro water filters out a long list of water contaminants, metals and chemicals while leaving the beneficial minerals behind, making you and your family enjoy fresh, clean and healthy water.

Each Watens Pro water filter has a life of 3000 gallons - that’s an awesome 6000 gallons for a two-filter system! Both have approximately 6 months of life at regular daily use. These filters install in minutes with no tools required. Watens Pro water filters are available for purchase online right here on our website.


Watens Pro water filter (upper) coconut shell carbon
Installed location Upper
Filter Life :6,000 gallons per 2Pack filters
Flow Rate 2.75 GPH
Product Size 2.4x2.4x8.8 IN
Package Size (inches) 3X6X9.8 IN
Package Weight 37 OZ

Core Features

  • Reduces the following water contaminants: 99.9999% Viruses/Chloramine; Chloride; Chlorine Residual / Heavy
  • Metals 99% Aluminum /Antimony/Beryllium/Bismuth/Cadmium/Chromium/Lead/Zinc
  • Compatible:The watens Pro water filter is only compatible the watens water filter systems.
  • Replacement:Actual replacement period for the watens Pro water filter is dependent on how much water you would use and the presence of other competing contaminants in the source water.
  • Important:Do not subject to freezing temperatures, high heat or boil the fluoride water filter elements.


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