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Outdoor Stainless Steel Countertop Gravity Water Filter/Purifier - 3.25 Gallons


Outdoor Stainless Steel Countertop Gravity Water Filter/Purifier - 3.25 Gallons


from USA

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Watens cares about you living healthily and about what you are drinking. This Outdoor Water Filter is the best proof of our care. It adopts SUS 304 stainless steel which brings stronger quality to a compact and portable body enduring any bumpy journey, ideal for all kinds of outdoor purposes such as parties, camping, hiking, motels etc. The water filtration system operates without electricity and depends on gravity, at the same time, applying two Watens water filters as built-in fitting to remove all sorts of harmful chemicals, like odors, bacteria, heavy metals and more, as well as a spigot for easy drinking access. Additionally, its high volume of water can serve four to six people, perfect for small group travels or long journeys.


Capacity 3.25 gallons (11.5L) Serves 4-6 people
Material SUS 304 grade stainless steel.
Watens Pro water filter (upper) coconut shell carbon
Watens fluoride water filter(lower) Fluoride
Filter Life 3000 gallons for 1 watens Pro water filter
Filter Life 1000 gallons for 1 watens fluoride water filter
Flow rate 2.75 GPH with 2 watens Pro water filters
Max filters 4 watens pro filters+4 watens fluoride water filter
Product Size 10x10x22.4 IN
Package Size 11X11X12.6 IN
Package Weight 225 OZ

Core Features

  • Total Capacity 3.25 gallons. Serves 4-6 people.
  • Works on Gravity. No Electricity Required.
  • Portable design for party, motel, outdoor purpose.
  • Made of food grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Removes harmful chemicals, bad tastes, odors. Removes 99.99% bacteria, heavy metals,100% particles > 0.9 micron. Prevent Cholera, Typhoid, Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, Dysentery, E.Coli infections and many more
  • Easy to use and no tools required.
  • Package included:1 set Micro watens filtration system+1 watens pro water filter+1 stainless steel spigot
  • Important:Do not subject to freezing temperatures, high heat or boil the fluoride water filter elements.


How often should I change my filter?

It is highly suggested to replace your Watens filter every 6 months or 200 gallons. If you know your water tends to be harder, you should increase the frequency of replacements.


If you are truly unsure, reach out to us! We are here to help. Contact our team.

How do Watens filters remove contaminants?

Other than being awesome? Well, all of our filters use an activated coconut shell carbon filtration system that utilizes microporous technology to filter out most impurities by up to 99%!


In simple terms, the unfiltered water goes in and the clean, pure Watens filtered water flows out - leaving you with only the best.

Do I need a filter?

I don’t know, do you?


Filtering your water is the first step towards truly drinking the purest water possible.


Reach out to us to see how we can improve you and your family’s health. Contact our team.

Can I use the filter beyond 6 months?

Absolutely! However, this is with 120% certainty, NOT recommended. Using a filter, of any brand, beyond the recommended lifetime of 6 months can see a diminished ability to properly filter your water. So, you might as well just be sticking your head in the sink to guzzle some straight tap water. Hold the rocks.

We filter everything, except our reviews

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