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World Water Day 2020 | Access to Constant Clean Drinking Water Supply

1 hour ago World Water Day 3218

World Water Day is an annual observance by United Unions which highlights the importance of clean water and advocates the public for the sustainable use of fresh water resources. Currently, the water situation within the world is still urgent and unoptimistic. When it comes to obtaining fresh water, there are a series of water purification methods available for home use. But how to choose the best access to constant clean drinking water supply?


What Should Be Known About World Water Day?

Since 1993, every 22nd March has been a UN observance called "World Water Day". This day is observed to advocate for conserving safe drinking water as well as provide safe drinking water to people around the world.

The theme for 2020 is 'Water and Climate Change'. It is about water and climate change, and how they are inextricably linked. That is, it emphasizes the urgent importance of strengthening water safety and creating access to a sustainable water supply in the face of changing climate conditions around the world. Moreover, this observance will raise public awareness about the various ways shifting atmospheric and oceanic conditions are now reshaping the world hydrologic cycle.


Water Situation Around the World

Increasing sustainable access to safe drinking water is indispensable and urgent. In many parts of the world, it is not easy for people to access clean drinking water. According to the current estimates, globally about 785 million people do not have access to a basic drinking water service. Instead, their drinking water supplies are polluted and hide many harmful substances, which causes many deadly diseases and uncured illnesses. Due to poor infrastructure and investment, thousands of children die from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene every year.

Common Solutions to Water Contamination

Clean and safe drinking water is a basic human need, which should be easily accessible to all. How do you keep yourself away from water pollution and get a clean drinking water supply?

Boiling water can remove contaminants? No. Boiling water might be the simplest and oldest purification method, but it is not the most effective. It may remove some viruses or bacteria, but cannot eliminate harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

Bottled water is free from water pollution? No. A survey of 173 bottled water products by the EWG disclosed that 18% of them fail to list the location of their water source, and 32% reveal nothing about the water treatment or purification.

The most effective way to remove water contaminants is activated carbon water filters. Activated carbon filters have high porosity and large surface area. When water passes through the water filter, the carbon particles absorb and remove harmful substances. It is easy access to safe and affordable water.

Activated Carbon Water Filtration

Carbon has been extensively used as a good filtration media due to its capability to attract impurities and its porous construction allows water to pass through it. Carbon has millions of tiny pores which are usually invisible to our eyes. These pores can absorb thousands of contaminants from water and enable a significant quantity of surface area to contact the water as well. Activating the carbon with a slight electro-positive charge can enhance its ability to absorb impurities and harmful substances. This kind of carbon is referred as the activated carbon. When the water flows over the charged carbon surface, the negative ions of the pollutants are drawn to the surface of the carbon. Most activated carbon water filters are built with coconut and coal activated carbon filters. For many years, conventional water filters have used coal carbon in the filtration cartridges, but now coconut-shelled activated carbon is considered to be the most effective and ecological filter media.

Watens Water Filters with Coconut Shell Carbons

Nowadays people become aware that drinking clean water is important. If you are looking to upgrade your household drinking water filtration system, then look no further!

Watens promises to provide high-quality of water filters including refrigerator water filters and gravity water filters for its customers. We aim to offer healthy and eco-friendly alternatives to the conventional carbon filters. Designed with premium coconut-shell based activated carbons, all water filters are certified by IAPMO and NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and capable of effectively removing 99% contaminants, taste and odour in the water.


Purchasing a water filter can boost your health, cut down your cost on water and give you a far more environment-friendly solution to safer drinking water. Why Everyone Should Drink Filtered Water will offer you detailed information about drinking filtered water.  

Last but not least, using a Watens water filter is a wise investment for a constant clean water supply for your home. All filters at Watens will make a great addition to a healthy lifestyle for your families. They are on sale now. Be quick! Time for happy drinking!



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