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How to Install a Faucet Water Filter | Access to Better-Tasting Tap Water

1 day ago Tips & Tricks 4017

Faucet water filters are inexpensive and convenient ways for sufficient healthy drinking water. You can save a significant amount of money by using a faucet filter whenever you want instead of bottled water from stores. They are usually installed in the kitchen for obtaining drinking or cooking water. Here, we present the benefits of a faucet filter, how to install on your faucet, and how to choose the best faucet filter.

Benefits of a Faucet Water Filter

Healthy and tasty water

If your faucet is connected to a municipal water system or a tested well, the faucet water filter will greatly block many contaminants from entering your water. Some can attract or neutralize chlorine and toxic heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic and mercury. Some come with materials which work to balance the pH level of the water, and some types are good at removing weird or funny smells or tastes.

Easy installation

Some people are afraid they do not know how to install the filters. Actually, kitchen faucet water filters are easy to install and homeowners will be able to install them within 5 minutes. Usually, you need no professional help for installation. Even if you have no idea, you can read the product manual and learn how to install it quickly.


A faucet purifier can provide a constant supply of clean water and you are much more likely to drink and utilize it on a daily basis. It is convenient, especially when you are cooking in the kitchen. With a water purifier on the faucet nearby, the clean water is immediately served so that you do not have to run around. It saves you time and energy.

No plastic bottled water

The faucet water purifier will greatly reduce your consumption of plastic bottled water, which does not only save your money and time, but also is good for the environment and your health. The massive plastic bottles will be discarded or landfilled, which result in severe environmental pollution. And not all mineral water manufacturers use food-grade plastic for their containers; so after some time, the toxic substances from the plastic bottles will leak into the mineral water.


Faucet water purifiers are budget-friendly of getting clean water for drinking than purchasing bottled water. They help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.

Environmentally friendly

Faucet water filters do not need electricity or fuel to run. During the water purification process, it requires no natural resources but water. They are environmentally friendly.

The Best Faucet Water Filter

If you are looking for the best faucet water filter, Watens faucet water filter system is worth being considered. Constructed of high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel housing, this filter is crack-resistant, durable and leak-proof. Thanks to the most advanced Activated Carbon Fiber filtration technology and activated carbon fiber filter, this water filtration system blocks most contaminants, inhibits the growth of bacteria, improves the water taste and removes unwanted materials, such as dirt, rust, limescale and debris. It also increases the pH level of the water to be more alkaline, which is beneficial for your body. The water filter is capable of filtering up to 320 gallons of water, which depends on the level of sediments and contamination in the water where you live. It is easy and quick to install this faucet filtration system with no extra tools. The water flow is so fast that you can fill up your large water jugs within minutes. Investing in this faucet filter allows you to drink fresh, clean and good-tasting water all the time.

How to Install Watens Faucet Water Filter?

Step 1: Unscrew the top cover of the water filter unit.


Step 2: Take out the filter cartridge. Remove its wrap. Insert the cartridge to the base tightly. Screw the top cover.


Step 3: Remove the aerator from the water faucet, check what kind of thread the faucet is – external or internal.

1. For the external threaded faucet, most external threaded faucets match Watens faucet purifier, just simply attach the purifier to the faucet. If the external threaded faucet doesn’t match the filter, an internal threaded adaptor should be installed for the supplement.

2. For internal threaded faucet, you need to install an external threaded adaptor.


Step 4: Use the Teflon tape to wrap the faucet or the adapter to avoid leakage.


Step 5: Apply the correct washer during installation. If it leaks, apply one more washer which you can get from the original aerator.


Step 6: Screw the mounting nut tightly on the faucet or the adapter.


Step 7: Turn on the faucet. Switch the valve to get tap water or purified water. Flush the filter for one-minute before usage.  


We hope you learn more about faucet water filter and how to install it after this guide. Time to save your money and safeguard the health of your whole family with Watens faucet water filtration system. Enjoy!



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