Essential Spa Water Maintenance and When to Change Your Spa Water

Maintaining the pristine condition of your spa water is not only essential for the utmost relaxation but also crucial for your health. In this detailed guide, we'll illustrate the importance of regular water changes and why ignoring this important aspect of spa care can lead to numerous problems. We'll also discuss the Hot Springs Salt Cartridge Fresh Water and the Hot Tub Sanitizer Replacement, two of our top-notch spa care products that are key to keeping your spa water in the best condition possible.


The Importance of Spa Filters in Maintaining Water Quality

Spa filters are the unsung heroes of any hot tub or spa system. They trap contaminants and particulates, ensuring that the water remains clear and hygienic for every use. However, it's not just any filter that can provide the superior cleaning action needed; it's about finding the right filter for your specific needs.

Hot Springs Salt Cartridge Fresh Water System

Take for instance our Hot Springs Salt Cartridge Fresh Water system. This cutting-edge solution is specifically designed to work with spa water filter cartridges to not only clean but also soften the water, thanks to its integrated salt system. The result is a spa experience that's gentler on skin and eyes, and a filter that works in tandem with this technology for a clean and luxurious spa environment.

Hot Tub Sanitizer Replacement

Similarly, our Hot Tub Sanitizer Replacement is a pivotal component for any spa maintenance plan. Acting as a hot tub sanitizer, its job is to work alongside spa filters to obliterate bacteria and maintain the cleanliness of the water, ensuring your spa is free from contaminants that can cause cloudiness, foul odors, and even health issues.


Regular Spa Water Change: A Necessary Habit

Changing your spa water isn't just a recommendation—it's a requirement for every responsible spa owner. Generally, the suggestion is to change your spa water every 3-4 months, but this can depend on various factors such as usage and water quality.

Why Change the Water?

As chemicals are added to your spa, they contribute to the water saturation. Similar to the classic science experiment involving sugar and water, your spa water can only dissolve so much before it becomes saturated. That's when you start experiencing issues like hazy water, a gritty feeling on the spa's surface, difficulty in balancing water chemistry, and potentially that 'funky' smell we all wish to avoid.

The Bather Load Conundrum

Unlike pools, spas hold a much smaller volume of water, amplifying the effects of debris and waste left behind by bathers. When you add high temperatures into the mixture, these contaminants can cause foaming and cloudy water, necessitating the use of high-quality spa filters like the Hot Tub Cartridge Filter.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

The older your spa water gets, the higher the TDS levels rise. This can clog your filters requiring more frequent cleanings and reduce the efficiency of your spa's heating system. High TDS levels are a clear indicator that it's time to make a change.


Advanced Cleaning with Hot Tub Sanitizer Replacement

Our Hot Tub Sanitizer Replacement positions itself as the ultimate hot tub sanitizer that when used in conjunction with our sophisticated spa filters, delivers a holistic approach to fighting off microbes, deterring algae growth, and keeping your spa water sparkling. The sanitizer helps in breaking down organic waste products, ensuring that the water remains free from the byproducts of heavy usage.


Identifying When to Change Your Spa Water

Testing Is Key

Regular testing of your spa water is fundamental. If the results consistently show imbalances, it's a signal that a water change is due. For an accurate check on TDS levels, bring a sample to your local spa expert, such as Pettis Pools, for a quick test.

Calculating Water Change Frequency

The general formula for determining water change frequency is:

Gallons of hot tub water / 3 / Number of daily users = Days between water changes

For instance, a 400-gallon spa with four average daily users would require a water change approximately every 33 days. This calculation is a helpful starting point, but always be mindful of the actual water conditions.

Clear Indications for Water Change

Cloudy water, foam that does not dissipate with defoaming agents, and noticeable odours are signals that cannot be ignored. These are clear indicators that your spa water has lost its purity and requires immediate attention.


Optimizing the Water Change Process

Make the Most of Water Changes

When you do drain and refill your spa, consider thoroughly cleaning the jets and plumbing. A clean system ensures better water quality and circulation. Pettis Pools stocks all the necessary products for this task, and our industry experts are always ready to assist with your spa care needs.

Maintaining your spa's water quality is a task that's as important as it is rewarding. By replacing your spa filters and water at the right times and with the right products like the Hot Springs Salt System Cartridge and Hot Tub Sanitizer Replacement, you can ensure a fantastic spa experience each and every soak. If you have queries or need assistance regarding your spa maintenance, remember, we are just a call or visit away, eager to help you enjoy your spa to the fullest.

The Benefits of Deep Cleaning

A water change is the perfect opportunity to deep clean your spa's internal systems. Flushing out the pipes, cleaning the spa water filter cartridge, and inspecting your hot tub sanitizer setup will ensure that your spa functions optimally. Products available at Pettis Pools can assist with this thorough cleansing, helping to remove built-up grime and ensure your spa’s internal workings are as clean as your new water.



A robust maintenance routine for your spa, complete with regular water testing, proper filtration, and timely water changes, is crucial for the enjoyment and longevity of your investment. Incorporating high-quality products like the Hot Springs Salt System Cartridge and Hot Tub Sanitizer Replacement can immensely improve the water quality and enhance the overall spa experience. Remember, proper care is key to a delightful and healthy spa environment, and we at Pettis Pools are here to support you every step of the way.